“Your partner for financial independence”

We pride ourself in being a physician specialist

As physicians, you are so busy taking care of others,you don’t always take care of yourself. At Virtuous,our entire approach is built around the needs,concerns,and goals of physicians.

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How We Help Our Clients

As physicians ,your career can be demanding,making it a challenge to balance your personal and professional life.You don't need the added stress of self managing your finances”
We’ve made every effort to ensure that from your first year as a client and beyond, we deliver a truly superior client experience. We will stay in close contact with you, so you’ll never have to wonder if you are on track to meet your financial planning goals, or how your investment portfolio is performing.
We’ll have a series of meetings as we begin the relationship – Discovery, Planning & Investments. Once we have an ongoing relationship, we’ll meet with you on a regular basis to review your financial plan and investments, and answer any questions that arise. In addition, we’ll have as many calls, emails, or web conferences as you like. We want the level of communication tailored to you.
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Our goal at Virtuous is to take care of you while you take care of your patients.We’re accessible when you are - in the evenings after you get your kids to bed ,during your commute home,or in between patients.

Who can be a typical client and who are not our typical clients


  • Want a long term relationship with Us
  • Want to follow the recommendation of an expert and have the willingness to trust that we want them to succeed as much as they do
  • Respond to emails and requests in a timely manner and are active and engaging throughout the planning process
  • Have the motivation and desire to learn about their finances and better their financial situation


  • Rely on the commentary of TV personalities for sound financial advice
  • Try to time the market and worry about the market’s daily movements
  • Expect to work with us for only than a few months or for a specific interaction
  • Ignore expert opinion because a friend or family member provide conflicting information

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What to Expect in Your Consultation:

You’re interested in reaching out. Great! You’re probably wondering what to expect when you do. Let’s get you familiarized with our planning process.

Want to Know More? Let Us Walk You Through.

We work with clients across the country and allow them to meet with us in the comfort of their own homes at a time that is convenient for them.

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